Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Year of Living Frugally-Flower Power Wedding Planning

I am undertaking the ultimate frugal challenge, to end all challenges. Planning a wedding.  The other day, Doug and I were driving home, from Des Moines, and discussing our wedding budget.  Specifically, how much we could or should pay on various things. The subject of flowers came up. We went back and forth on what we felt was reasonable. We decided $300.00 for flowers was more than enough, and based on what we were intending to pay for the rest of the wedding, it fit our budget limitations.  The first thing I did was check various florists in the area, to see how much I could get for my $300.00 budget. Sadly, not much. It was enough to pay for a bridal bouquet and maybe one or two bridesmaids bouquets, but that was it. So this week I have been studying flowers. I feel that I now qualify for a degree from the University of YouTube, in flower arranging. You would be surprised at how many flower bouquet tutorials exist. Some are very informative, some are just awful. I watched many of them, and took notes and feel competent that I may be able to do my own flowers. Whether I can do them for under $300.00, remains to be seen.  At last count, I have to do a bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, 7 boutonnieres, 3 corsages, 22 pew decorations, 2 alter arrangements, and 12 centerpieces, and 2 flower girl baskets.  $300.00? Sure, no problem. 

I already put the word out to my peeps to keep their eyes open for milk glass compotes and vases for my arrangements and centerpieces. I have formulated a vision of a pink/ivory/mauve palette of flowers. Basically it is soft, romantic meets shabby chic, with lace and pearl accents, here and there. I intend to use copious amounts of baby’s breath, as it fits the vision, and is cheap filler. I think that the majority of the flowers we will be doing, will have to be silk, mainly so I can do them ahead of time. I would ideally like to do the bouquets in real flowers but I think the only way that will happen is if I sneak into peoples gardens the night before our wedding and steal all their peonies and roses. Oh well, a lot can happen between now and May 5, so we will see what happens along the way, with the flowers, and everything else.  Now, the real planning begins. 

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