Monday, September 26, 2011

The Wedding Countdown Begins

Right now I am firmly enmeshed in Wedding Planning. It seems every day is another detail to be researched, thought out, and decided on. I have spent endless hours looking at potential centerpieces, veils, wedding dresses, flowers, and catering menus. The problem isn't making a decision. The problem is sticking with a decision. Just last week, we picked out a cake-decided on the bakery, the flavor, we picked out a design we both loved and I was happy with the end result. I could clearly envision that cake at our wedding reception. Then, today at church, I got into a conversation with a lady whos mother is a professional cake baker and decorator. She told me about her mothers famed white chocolate velvet cake, and her award winning cake decorating skills. So, curious me, as soon as I got home I hopped on the internet and looked her up.

Damn. Sucked in again.

Yesterday, I was perfectly happy with the nice little bakery cake we picked out. Now, all I can think about is this super deluxe, tasty, gorgeous wedding creation this Cake Baking Savant makes. Grrrr......
Right now we have settled on our venue, on our colors, and the flowers, we have met with a caterer for the food and have narrowed down choices, but still working on that. I have a vague idea about decorations, and am trying to get projects done, as money and time allow. We are 7 months away from our wedding, and I have to admit there are days when I feel a little out of my depth. OK-yes, this is my second (and last!!!) time down the aisle, I was married before, about a bazillion years ago. But the truth is, my Mom pretty much planned that entire wedding. I think my input amounted to picking out a wedding color, and showing up for a dress fitting. My mom did it all, she arranged the flowers, arranged the food. The did the invitations, she even made the cake. I was a 20 year old college student and perfectly happy to let her run the show back then. Sadly, Mom is no longer with us, and there are times when I would love to talk to her about wedding planning things. I am very lucky, my sister is good about dealing with my bouts of wedding detail mania. It is probably very lucky for her, that she lives 300 miles away. She has already dealt with my real vs silk flower freak out, and my alcohol vs non-alcohol reception debate. This week it is Glazed Ham and Roasted Turkey, vs Mediterranean Chicken and Pork Loin Medallions decision. My dear, darling Doug, bless his heart, tells me, whatever I want, is OK with him. Which is Man-speak for "Leave me out of this." I am aware that these are not life altering decisions, but I don't want to decide wrong, then wish I had done it differently, later. I am beginning to see why wedding planners make so much money.

Rationally, I know at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter. A wedding is only one day. The marriage, and the love are what lasts forever. Some days, I wish I could just fast forward to the day after the wedding, and finally enjoy the Happily Ever After part.

Only 7 months to go. The countdown begins.

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