Monday, July 11, 2011

A Year of Living Frugally-The Only Thing Better than Dessert... free dessert! Hot summer nights almost demand something cold and delicious. Doug and I were both craving ice cream. We had a couple dollars to spare, which unfortunately, does not buy much. I decided to take a chance, and see if Dairy Queen offered any coupons on their website. I thought, even $0.50 off on a cone would be great. Well, I came across an even better deal. If you joined the Blizzard Fan Club, you got a Buy One-Get One coupon for a Blizzard. Score! It took a few moments to enter my email info, and I received an email coupon, which I printed out. We went off to our local Dairy Queen, and for under $3.00 we both had yummy Blizzard treats. If you go to, you can sign up for this special deal.

Another little tidbit that many people don't know about is Pie Rush Wednesdays at Village Inn. On Wednesdays, you can go in and receive a free piece of pie with a purchase (and that purchase can be a cup of coffee!) This can make for a cheap date night. A couple can go in, buy 2 drinks, and get 2 pieces of pie for under $4.00. I can honestly say that free pie is muy delicioso! For more information on this special deal, you can go to

You can also always find free dessert, and sometimes free meals on your birthday, if you sign up for them online. I came across this website that lists dozens of restaurants and their birthday giveaways at  On your birthday you could eat breakfast at Denny's, a lunch at Steak and Shake, and free burger for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, then head over to TCBY for free dessert. Totally dining free on your birthday! Unfortunately, this year I will be out of town on my birthday, but I hope to take advantage of at least one of these deals. I gotta say, free taste's pretty good!

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